In the flowing labyrinths of my mind
I am trapped in a dead end
Where I resurrect myself
Merge with my spirit soul spine
On a higher ground
Through to the kingdom of a pine




Create the visions

To see what is hidden in my mind


I (shall) hide from courtesy

Come again another time

It is the hunger of mind

Wake me up with a thunder through the mind

I am so humble to harmonise to let it over

This time I am awake to the full

I am sober enough to wait till it is over


Safety is not a word I belong

I never felt safe anywhere


What U call luck

I would say persistence

When I say finished

I found myself back on the start line again.


If U don’t understand it now

Don’t complicate the recovery


I just have to

Lock the vision to the highest

I just want to

See the peak


Delusions Created by the illusion of blurry shadow

Playing mind games with distortion

Just leave them alone in my mind


This Rubic Cube is now align

Now I live for higher state of mind

Knowing UR gifts to the deepest

This is the victory of mind over will

I keep my promise to thee

I keep the promise in my Universal Mind

I keep the promise for the Universal State of Mind